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Our Buttursea upholstered beds

Do you recall the days that were past when there was stunning furniture from the 1940s and 1950s? If you don't, do not worry as these beds with upholstered headboards will transport you back to those times!

These beds are stunning and is the kind of bed that one would find within the residences of movie stars and famous people. Who wouldn't be thrilled to have such a bed within their home? Imagine these for the backdrop to your selfies to post on Instagram.

Each of these beds come at an affordable cost, so make sure to look over our payment schedules for the month. You can have one of them and get it with ease and with low-cost financing.

We provide these added advantages

Available in a variety of colours, our Battersea beds have velvet headboards as well as the footboard and sideboard. They are constructed of solid wood and they're a good fit for the mattress you prefer that you want to use, whether it's a memory foam or pocket spring mattress.

Each product we choose to sell is made according to high standards and regulations. They passed the test with flying colours. They also completed the "gorgeous at a lower cost" test!

Delivery of our Battersea Upholstered Beds

Each customer is also eligible for 12 months of warranty as well as the 14-day return period.

We are awestruck by value and we're sure you do, too.

Place your order now and we'll send your bed upholstered to you in a matter of hours.