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Ferndale Velvet Beds

The stunning Ferndale Velvet Beds Collection by Sofas & Beds are a platform top divan that will transports you to the days of old. Created to reflect the Ferndale period's style and sophistication, this collection is classy and durable.

The intricate button design visual appeal to any room, the wood base with slats will be able to support your selection of mattresses to allow you to unwind and relax in total luxury.

Being one of our top models, people who purchase this model usually have excellent taste in style and want it to be visible at home. In other words, if you're in the market for something regal, then you've got nothing to lose because this model is brimming with it.

The Ferndale collection comes in four distinct colours that add luxury and comfort to your home. Your guests will be envious when they see the bed in your guest room or bedroom. You can expect questions about where you bought it and the cost.

The Ferndale velvet beds collection is all about elegance and classic design for the most sophisticated reviewer. It's a retreat for the discerning person away from the hustle and bustle of life.