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Save space with our Hyde Velvet Beds

Storage space isn't abundant, or you're searching for a stunning new bed, and storage is a bonus. The Hyde Ottoman Bed collection is perfect for you.
You'll get much more than just glamour from the Hyde ottoman beds. It's not just adding timeless beauty to your bedroom but also offers plenty of storage space for towels, linens or gifts that you want to store away or other things you wish to get away from right now.

Another thing that our customers appreciate with the Hyde beds is that their bottom gives excellent support to your mattress of choice. No matter you're looking for a pocket sprung or memory foam, the support provided by these Hyde ottoman beds will ensure that you can sleep comfortably and won't make you feel uncomfortable about your spine or back position.

When the holidays come around, and you've got presents for your family members, the ottoman bed is the perfect solution to help. It doesn't matter if it's Eid, Diwali or Christmas. It's the ideal place to store your gifts away and hide them from prying eyes.
The Hyde ottoman beds are ideal for those who require more space but appreciate the classic look and luxury.