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Take a peek at our vast selection of stunning Soho sofa. If you're in search of a two, three-seater, corner or sofa set.

It's not the only interesting aspect of our Sofas and Beds website. We also have a selection of other furniture for your home with an outlet price, as well as the ability to access Klarna payment plans so you can stay within your budget.

We offer these additional Benefits

Our Soho sofas are available in a variety of upholstery, colours as well as shades. Choose the Soho sofa and ensure comfort for your family members and enjoy movie nights simultaneously.

The leather that is used to make Soho's recliner sofa is made of Soho recliners are amazing and top-quality Air-Leather. Air Leather is a new type of synthetic leather that has been proven and tested in qualities and longevity. We've chosen this material due to its quality and strength in our minds.

Available in soft and durable fabric material.

Deliveries of our Soho sofas

If you're from Yorkshire and you're loyal to it, you're committed. This is why we offer low-cost delivery to any customer located within 100-miles of Leeds.

Our customers are important to us. Offering every customer a 12-month warranty and a 14-day return period ensures that you aren't stuck with something that you do not like or want.

It's now time to send your order to the table. Let us know what you'd like and tell us what you'd like to pay and we'll do the rest. We'll have your Soho leather sofa ready for you to move in as soon as possible. All you need to do is to open the door!