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Make your dreams come true with one of our exquisitely cushioned Sleigh beds. Our Stockwell beds come in a variety of colours such as black, grey, burgundy and beige, these beds transform your bedroom into a classic style.

There's no doubt that the Stockwell beds will earn you merits from your visitors on your excellent taste and style. Available in three different sizes, you'll get the best night's sleep you've had in this style of bed. It's got a solid wood bottom on it to support the mattress and is robust and dependable. 

They are built to last a long time. The Stockwell sleigh beds come with outlet price tags and monthly payment plans are offered.

We Offer these Added Advantages

Our Stockwell sleigh beds are great regardless of whether you choose the pocket spring or memory foam mattress. They are built to last. are sturdy and fashionable. A style such as this will never go out of style.

At Sofas and Beds, we make sure to take the time to select every item we offer. Our priorities are the same as what's most important to you. The products that we choose to use are made to last, and they also have to look stunning, but also remain affordable.

Delivery of our Stockwell Sleigh Beds

Once you've found the upholstered sleigh mattress you've always wanted We'll be able to assist by delivering it. If you are located within 100 miles from Leeds We will even take delivery for absolutely no cost.

Each customer who purchases our products receives an extended 12-month warranty and a 14-day return window.

As you'll see We love to give value to our customers, and we strive to be sure that we are doing so.

If you've placed your order on the spot We'll handle the rest. We'll deliver your order to you as quickly as possible. If you have any queries You can get more information on our FAQ pages.