Fabric Cinema Sofas

Fabric Cinema Sofas to Suit You

Leap into the world of fabric cinema sofas. You can have the time of your life with friends and family, watching the latest releases on Hulu and Netflix.

Snuggle down with your popcorn, Minstrels and your drink in the cupholder as you escape to another world. Whether you’re a big fan of chenille or velvet, you’re going to love all of these. They look sophisticated and chic and don’t mention that we said this, but your people are going to be just a little bit envious when they find out that you have one of these!

We Offer these Added Advantages

You can expect high-quality construction with these. Life for our fabric cinema sofas starts with being a solid wood frame. Then the sofa craftsmen come along and wrap a deep padding upholstery around it to create something that looks as fabulous as this. We think it’s some kind of magic! 

Every one of these is covered in a fabric that is both stain-resistant and wrinkle-resistant. So it’s super easy to care for – as who knows when somebody might drop a drink. Not to worry, with these, clean up should be a breeze! 

Delivery of our fabric cinema sofas 

If you know us, you’ll already know that we deliver for a very low cost for those who live within 100 miles of Leeds - and that promise stretches to our fabric cinema sofas too. No matter where you live, you’re entitled to our 12-month warranty and our 14-day return window.

But before you put your order in, be sure to check out all the other home furnishings available on the Sofas and Beds website. 

We’ve got beds, mattresses, footstools and ottoman storage boxes in addition to our massive collection of gorgeous sofas. 

When you’re ready, put your order in, and we’ll get your new fabric cinema sofa over to you!