Fabric Sofa Beds

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Fabric Sofa Beds to Suit You

It’s now your turn to join all the happy people of the world who have opted to buy one of our fabric sofa beds. 

You’ll be making an intelligent decision as these are not only well made but built to last and with a great price. We put outlet ticket prices on all our home furnishings as we want you to get a good deal. 

Whether you love the feel of chenille or the sumptuous extravagance of velvet, we’ve got the perfect fabric sofa bed for you. 

We Offer these Added Advantages

Each of our fabric sofa beds is available in various styles and starts life as a solid wood frame construction. Our sofa artisans then add padded upholstery to create elegant lines and an incredibly comfortable settee. 

The fabric used on every one of these is stain resistant and wrinkle resistant. It’s also effortless to care for. 

Delivery of our Fabric Sofa Beds 

At Sofas and Beds, our focus is on our customers. We want you to get the best possible deals. We don’t just mean prices. We mean the quality of products in addition to getting a warranty. The same goes for our fabric sofa beds, and that’s why we offer a 12-month warranty for each one. You also get a 14-day return window. 

It’s time to put your order in. Once we know which one of our fabric sofa beds you want, we’ll get it over to you. But also make sure there’s not anything else you want to buy at the same time by browsing our home furnishings website. 

We sell mattresses, beds, footstools and ottoman boxes – which will all add a dash of panache to your home!