Aire Leather or Leathaire

A breakthrough cutting-edge new faux leather for comfort and durability

A relatively modern new fabric is now available – Aire Leather or Leatheraire. This technologically advanced fabric has everybody scratching their heads. It’s somewhat a wonder in that it’s hard to tell the difference between this new invention and the real thing, apart from a very creative difference.

But first things, first. It’s essential to understand the landscape of the faux and genuine leather landscape before you make any decisions about what you want. Read on and discover what the differences are between aire leather, other faux leathers and genuine leather.

Sorrento grey leather recliner corner sofa

Interest in aire leather sofas is on the rise in chic homes across Britain

According to the interest we are gaining from our buyers, the number of people wanting aire leather sofas is on the increase. Sofas upholstered in aire leather have become very popular due to the breathability of the product. It’s also easy to clean and is very durable.

Whereas leather is costly and not to everybody’s taste – due to its origins (i.e. an animal skin), aire leather provides a very close user experience to that of leather. Still, it’s an ethical, earth-friendly and sustainable product.

We often have customers who are vegans or of a particular religion who do not want to purchase real leather. They don’t enjoy where leather comes from and do not wish to take part in that industry.

Aire leather fits the bill perfectly in that they can enjoy the fabric and know that they’re not sitting on the real thing. Another point to note is that the price of leather is continuing to rise, which can place it out of reach for some people.

Before we look more at aire leather, let’s explore what’s currently available when it comes to faux leather.

What is PU?

One of the well known faux leathers is PU leather. Also known as polyurethane leather, this material is made of thermoplastic polymer. It’s typically used to make shores and furniture. Being completely artificial and man-made, this material is classified as vegan. You may come across a couple of different types of PU leather such as bicast leather, which uses the fibrous part of the cowhide used to make genuine leather that has a PU coating on it. PU is a breathable fabric, but it can be easily stained and not easy to clean.

What is PVC?

Another human-made ‘leather’ is PVC leather. Differing in structure to PU leather, PVC is more durable and rigid than PU. The reason for this difference is that PU leather is made using more layers, therefore, it’s more pliable and flexible. Interestingly, PVC can take more wear then PU, but PU can look more like genuine leather as it can wrinkle and stain. It should also be noted that PVC is not a breathable fabric.

What is MATCH?

The theory behind the leather match fabric is for sofa manufacturers to use genuine leather on any area of a sofa that is touched.  For example, it may be used for the seats, arms and backs. For the rest of the couch, a matching piece of vinyl is used for coverage.

What is Bonded Leather?

Using left over materials from making genuine leather, bonded leather is comprised of scraps and fibres with a polyurethane binder. Using adhesives to roll and bind these fibres together, they are put onto a paper backing. A polyurethane coating is typically added to create the texture of real leather despite this material containing between only 10 and 20 per cent of genuine leather.

What is Aire Leather?

Aire leather is a new cutting edge and technologically advanced fabric. This is clear from how, despite it being a faux leather that looks and feels like genuine leather, it also behaves like it in that it’s easy to clean.

What gives it the upper hand to all the other faux leathers, and even genuine leather itself is that it’s breathable. It’s also vegan so causes no harm to animals, is eco-friendly and lasts longer than any other faux leather. You won’t find yourself getting stuck to the sofa in the summertime with aire leather and you won’t find it to be so cold and hard in the wintertime. Overall, it’s the more modern, breathable, vegan and intelligent option for those who want leather without the high price tag.

Vancouver 3 seater grey air leather recliner sofa

What is real leather?

Genuine leather is sometimes referred to as full-grain leather. It’s made from the top layer of the animal hide, which has imperfections. Although it’s respected for its durability, it can be hard to work with; it can crack if not cared for properly and it’s not breathable. On hot summer days, you’ll find yourself sweating on it, your legs will stick to it, and in the winter it will be cold and not very cosy.

Aire Leather is an excellent alternative to leather

Aire leather first made an appearance in 2012, and since then breathable fabrics such as this have taken off. The material is a success partly because it is marketed as a fabric and not as a leather. It is neither bonded leather nor genuine leather, but a fabric that offers longevity and comfort.

This leather-like fabric has become very popular with sofa manufacturers as it doesn’t crack as you’ll find with upholstery made of bonded leather, nor does it peel. The durability of bonded leather doesn’t compare to that of breathable Leather Aire.

It truly is a piece of fabric but with the look and feel of leather.

Even furniture stores which typically make genuine leather upholstery exclusively are spotting the long term benefits of aire leather, in particular as the expense of leather rises.

Vancouver black air leather recliner corner sofa

If you have any questions about Aire Leather or Leatherair, get in touch with us. We’re here to help and happy to do so. We’ve been told by our customers that we’re the friendliest and most helpful furniture store in Dewsbury– that’s saying something!