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Keston CORDED Grey Fabric & Leather Recliner Armchair

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Isn’t it time you changed up your living room? The Keston Corded Leather and Fabric Armchair in Grey is one of those chairs that you’ll have no regrets over. Not only is it a good looker, but it’s also made of fabric and leather. We’ll explain why this is so good a bit later on. 

Let’s start with the quality of construction of this armchair. Built around a solid wood frame, you’ll get years of use of this beauty. It’s designed to be very durable and can be used daily for years. 

The soft puffy arms will give you somewhere very comfortable to rest as you snuggle down in front of the television. Imagine, newspaper on one side and a remote and a smartphone on the other. There really is room for everything. 

As this is a recliner, you can lean right back and truly relax as you make the best of your evening. This is a chair that won’t let you down when it comes to the reclining mechanism, either. It’s been tested to operate more than 25,000 times to prove how reliable it is. 

All the family will want to sit in this one. It’s an island of rest where you don’t have to sit alongside others. You’ve got your own space and chill zone with the Keston Corded Leather and Fabric Armchair in Grey.  

Who would love this Keston Corded Leather and Fabric Armchair in Grey? 

No matter at what stage you are in your life, you’re going to love this. It’s like your own private cinema chair, but it can also be a place to nap. However you want to use it, it performs for you. 

Another benefit of buying from us is that you get access to a range of financing options – you may even qualify to pay weekly on a very reasonable basis. The Keston Corded Leather and Fabric Armchair in Grey really is the real deal! 

What do our customers say they love about the Keston Corded Leather and Fabric Armchair in Grey?  

This may look like a relatively simple-looking design, but this brings both good looks and comfort to any living room. This is all about getting comfortable and cosy, and it certainly succeeds. 

No matter what style of home you have, this armchair will fit in very well. Grey is a very trendy colour, and this leather is faux leather. That means you’re not supporting the use of animal products in furniture, which most people will highly commend. 

Finished in stain-resistant and wrinkle-resistant leather and fabric mean it’s easy to clean and easy to care for. 

Everybody who has bought this has been very pleased, and they’ve given us very complimentary remarks about its comfort and how well it fits into their homes. 

Here’s what else we’ve been told about the Keston Corded Leather and Fabric Armchair in Grey:  

  • Love this armchair – the problem is – everybody else does too! We may have to order more! 
  • My grandmother loves this chair, and she gets her afternoon snooze in comfort! 
  • No doubt this will last for years, it’s very high quality.

What else do you need to know about this Keston Corded Leather and Fabric Armchair in Grey? 

There’s no doubt about it! Every single living room across the land needs an armchair like this. It’s a private island for one, a place to relax away from the others where you can eat your snacks in peace! Finally, a place to go where nobody is looking over your shoulder as you send your friends messaged. 

Whether you want to read a book, sip on a tasty G&T or even ponder on what you want to do to the garden next, this is the place for you! 

The Keston range may be part of our economy collection, but there’s nothing cheap and tacky about this! This is pure quality but at an affordable price. 

Come down to the showroom in Dewsbury in West Yorkshire if you want to see this in person. 

Key features 

  • Grey corded fabric – oh so soft, but oh so durable!  
  • In the shape of a traditional armchair, but it’s actually a recliner
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Arrives packaged and protected

It is ILLEGAL to buy and sell sofas not compliant with UK Fire Regulations.

Your HOME INSURANCE WILL BE invalid if you buy sofas that are not compliant with the UKFR and tested to UKAS standards.

It is YOUR responsibility to request and retain a CERTIFICATE of COMPLIANCE.

If you are purchasing sofas for commercial purposes, for example, as a Landlord, you are risking imprisonment.


A 12-month warranty.

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What does our standard delivery service include?

Our standard delivery service is the ‘door-stepʼ delivery. This means that we will deliver the furniture to the outside of your building, whether you live in a house or an apartment. We will not take the furniture inside and we will leave the items in their original packaging.

What additional delivery services do we offer?

If you have a ‘door-step deliveryʼ service, we can remove the packaging waste for you and leave the furniture pieces outside your door-step and take the waste away with us for an extra £20.

We charge £30 - £50 for taking the sofa or bed into your desired room. As part of our ‘room-deliveryʼ service, we will unpack the sofa or bed for you and we will also remove the rubbish and take it away for you.

Delivery of the sofa or bed to the first floor is an extra £10. Every floor after that is an extra £10.

Call us at any time for further information, to ask questions or for other guidance.

Where do we deliver?

Our head office is in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Our second depot is in Sheffield, South Yorkshire but but we deliver our products all over the UK. Whether you are in England, Scotland, Wales, we will reach you !

Just let us know where you would like to take delivery of your sofa or bed, and we can arrange a delivery quote for you.

Check out out delivery map for our delivery prices which we have kept as low as possible for you. Most deliveries within around 80 miles of us are for free.

Thereafter, we charge a small amount to cover our costs only.

How soon can we deliver?

Many of our sofas are in stock. We can usually deliver your furniture within 3 days but depending on how busy we are, our deliver times can increase to 7-10 days but rest assured that quickly delivery is part of our ethos and we will do the best we can go get your furniture to you.

Alternatively, if you really need to use our ‘next-day deliveryʼ service, we will do our best to accommodate that for you (subject to availability). The usual delivery cost from our ‘delivery-mapʼ will apply and in addition, we charge a further £50 for a next day delivery, so long as we receive your order before 3pm the day before.

Once you place your oder, one of our team will contact you within 24 hours to advise of delivery dates and times available. 

Please note that if you have ordered to meet a particular date such as Diwali, Eid or Christmas, you may have to accept the first delivery date you are given. In addition, we will need you to provide us with daytime contact information that can be used on the delivery date if need be.

If you want to change your delivery date, you must notify us at least two working days in advance. If you are not home for your delivery, there will be a

£100 surcharge added which will need to be paid before re-delivery or it will be deducted from your refund if you decide to cancel your order.

Any damage must be reported at the time of delivery, we cannot be held responsible for any damage discovered later than that time.

What if access to your property is an issue?

If there is limited access to your property, we may still be able to deliver. However, we will need to know details of the issue. We can then let you know if itʼs possible to assemble our sofas or beds on site. Contact us.

Quite often there may be an issue with passing through a narrow door frame, entering a passenger lift that is too small or there is a need to move the sofa or bed around an awkward and narrow staircase in addition to tight right-angle turns once inside the property.  Larger sofas or beds such as corner sofas or high headboard beds can be particularly challenging, so please keep this in mind when making your order and measure accordingly.

In addition to access challenges related to your home, there may also be access challenges for our delivery vehicle. Please consider that our delivery vehicle is of a similar size to a dust bin lorry – if they can reach your property then so can we.

Please note that access to the property is something you have to take responsibility for. We have detailed the dimensions of our products and the packaging they are delivered in. If we are unable to access your property with your item, we will leave it at your doorstep for you to arrange matters. We shall expect full payment immediately and if payment has already been made for assembly, which we cannot execute, we will refund you the assembly fee or room delivery fee.

Contact our team if you would like some guidance on the above but please ENSURE that the products you order can be delivered to you and can be carried through any staircases or hallways you may have.

Do we deliver on weekends?

We can deliver on Saturday and Sunday, but there maybe a surcharge. Please contact us to discuss this arrangement.

We go all out to delivery on the date and time we promised; however, sometimes things can happen that are outside of our control. Sofas & Beds will not be held liable for any late deliveries or missed deliveries or associated loss of earnings.


Is there one standard delivery charge?

There is not just one delivery charge as there are different and unique factors involved for each delivery location such as floor level, accessibility and location. The price will depend on whatʼs required to deliver to your property. Please ask us to know more about charges.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. We offer a 3 month warranty on the frame ( as long as excessive load has not been applied to it beyond 250 kg ) and warranty on the fabric being UKFR compliant. We also offer warranty on the mechanisms used in reclining sofas. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a warranty on wear and tear or on any discolouration. 

You can find out more about our warranty here.

Frequently asked questions

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by cash, direct bank transfer, credit or debit card, PAYPAL and Klarna finance.

We do not accept American Express, but we do accept most other major cards. Please keep in mind that some credit card companies charge us a percentage to use their service, which may be passed on as a charge to you. 

Kindly note that we will not deliver any furniture until we have received cleared funds in our account.

If you make a payment by PAYPAL for example and the money is place ‘on-holdʼ we are unable to schedule a delivery or give you the products until the funds have been received by us.

We remain the legal owners of all our products until we have received cleared funds.


Are all your products available on finance?

Yes, itʼs possible to apply for finance on any of our products, just as long as the total of the order comes to more than £300.

Do you offer interest-free finance options?

Interest-free finance is available on orders that come to more than £750.

Will shopping on finance affect my credit score?

Your overall credit rating may be affected; if you have any questions about your current status or future status, we recommend seeking further information from a credit report company.

How does Klarna work?

Klarna makes it possible to receive your products before paying for them. Once you have been accepted, you will have 30 days to begin making your payments, and if you decide to return your product, you will not make payment. Klarna will also give you an option to pay by instalment. Read everything about Klarna on our Klarna page.

Can I order over the phone? Yes you can. Call us on 0 1924 962377

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Our website is secure, and your information will be protected with encryption.