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It’s no secret that Aire leather is now the most significant newcomer in faux leather. Our 2 Seater Crofton Aire Leather Recliner Sofa in Grey is now one of our best selling products. 

Genuine leather has lost popularity due to it being an animal product. Most people don’t want to think that they’re sitting on the hide of an animal in the evenings – so Aire leather it is! Another name for Aire leather is leatheraire, and it’s important to know that this is a breathable fabric. It’s also easy to take care of and clean. 

In fact, there’s been so much interest in this sofa model that we sold out of them almost immediately. But we get them all the time, so no worries about missing out if this is your choice of sofa.

Many customers love the 2 Seater Crofton Aire Leather Recliner Sofa in Grey because it’s a wall-hugging style recliner. This means you don’t have to pull this sofa out at the front, so it comes away from the wall before you recline in them. They continue to use the same space at the back, as the back doesn’t move. You can put your feet up and enjoy the moment, just like any other recliner, but it fits better in your room. 

If you like comfort, then this is it! You can lie back and get that nap in, without needing to leave the sofa. But there’s still room for the other person. Just bring in a side table, grab a drink and relax. Whether you like to read, watch television or you love chatting on the phone in the evenings, this is the one for you. 

If you want to see this model yourself, then pop down to visit us at the showroom in Dewsbury in West Yorkshire. 

Who would love this 2 Seater Crofton Aire Leather Recliner Sofa in Grey? 

Different sofas suit different folks, and it’s no different with the 2 Seater Crofton Aire Leather Recliner Sofa in Grey. But it goes even deeper than that. All kinds of people buy these. They love the faux leather and love the fact it’s a recliner in a charcoal grey. Grey has been the top choice for sofas for the last couple of years, and this trend will continue.  

This 2 seater Aire leather recliner look great – no matter where you put it! 

What do our customers say they love about the 2 Seater Crofton Aire Leather Recliner Sofa in Grey?

As we said, there have been many people coming to see this model, and it’s a big hit. The thing with this size is that it fits great in any space, whether it’s the living room, kitchen or office. 

Getting things right is just as important to us as it is to you, and that’s why we are always seeking feedback from all our buyers. We want to know what you love and what you want more of, and we apply that same philosophy to all our sofas, beds, mattresses or armchairs. 

Our approach to getting happy customers is to ask for feedback. 

Here’s what they had to say about the 2 Seater Crofton Aire Leather Recliner Sofa in Grey:

  • We have never had an Aire leather sofa before, so it was a surprise about how nice it is. This is the way forward for us from now on. 
  • Afternoon napping is now a beautiful thing! 
  • We’ve even bought an extra one for our son’s bedroom. He uses it with his friends like a gaming chair! 

What else do you need to know about this 2 Seater Crofton Aire Leather Recliner Sofa in Grey

If you’ve never bought from us before, we want to assure you that you may be doing something new, but you won’t regret it. In addition to giving you the 12-month warranty and a 14-day return window, you also have financing options. Whether you want to buy our 2 Seater Crofton Aire Leather Recliner Sofa in Grey or go for something else, we support you all the way. 

Sofas and Beds is fast becoming a leading sofa and bed shop in Yorkshire and beyond. We’re loving the act of supplying everybody with furniture that they enjoy. 

What’s great about all the recliners that we sell is that we’ve paid close attention to the quality of the reclining mechanism. Having tested it, it lasts more than 25,000 open and close cycles, meaning that you can rely on it not to let you down. You’re going to have this sofa for years! 

The Crofton Aire leather recliner range comes in various sizes, including a two-seater, a three-seater, a 3+2 sofa set, and an armchair. You just choose what you want to fit into the space available, and we’ll arrange to get it to you. 

Here’s what else you need to know about the 2 Seater Crofton Aire Leather Recliner Sofa in Grey:

Key features 

  • This wall hugging recliner sofa leans back without you needing to move the couch to make space 
  • Easy to care for Aire leather is breathable and non-sticky
  • Ideal for any room – the office, the living room, a bedroom or more! 
  • Fabulous value for money
  • Arrives packaged and protected

It is ILLEGAL to buy and sell sofas not compliant with UK Fire Regulations.

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If you have a ‘door-step’ delivery service, we can remove the packaging waste for you and leave the furniture pieces outside your door-step and take the waste away for an extra £20.

We charge £20 for taking the sofa or bed into your desired room. As part of our ‘room-delivery’ service, we will unpack the sofa or bed for you and we will also remove the rubbish and take it away for you.

Delivery of the sofa or bed to the first floor is an extra £10. Every floor after that is an extra £10.

To deliver and then assemble the sofa or bed in a room of your choice, remove the packaging, assemble the sofas and ensure your satisfaction of the product, we charge £69.

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Alternatively, if you really need to use our ‘next-day’ delivery service, we will do our best to accommodate that for you (subject to availability). The usual delivery cost from our ‘delivery-mapʼ will apply and in addition, we charge a further £100 for a next day delivery, so long as we receive your order before 3pm the day before.

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If there is limited access to your property, we may still be able to deliver. However, we will need to know details of the issue. We can then let you know if itʼs possible to assemble our sofas or beds on site. Contact us.

Quite often there may be an issue with passing through a narrow door frame, entering a passenger lift that is too small or there is a need to move the sofa or bed around an awkward and narrow staircase in addition to tight right-angle turns once inside the property.  Larger sofas or beds such as corner sofas or high headboard beds can be particularly challenging, so please keep this in mind when making your order and measure accordingly.

In addition to access challenges related to your home, there may also be access challenges for our delivery vehicle. Please consider that our delivery vehicle is of a similar size to a dust bin lorry – if they can reach your property then so can we.

Please note that access to the property is something you have to take responsibility for. We have detailed the dimensions of our products and the packaging they are delivered in. If we are unable to access your property with your item, we will leave it at your doorstep for you to arrange matters. We shall expect full payment immediately and if payment has already been made for assembly, which we cannot execute, we will refund you the assembly fee or room delivery fee.

Contact our team if you would like some guidance on the above but please ENSURE that the products you order can be delivered to you and can be carried through any staircases or hallways you may have.



We can deliver on Saturday and Sunday. Please contact us to discuss this arrangement.

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If you wish to make a change within 48 hours of a scheduled delivery, you will need to make a payment of £50.

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