Black Recliner Chairs

Black Recliner Armchairs to Suit You

Everybody loves a recliner—the reason why is pretty obvious. Look at our black recliner armchairs and think about how you’re going to be laying back to read your book, scroll your tablet or watch that new movie just released on Netflix. 

However, it’s not all about comfort and relaxation. It’s also because recliner armchairs have a style that can’t be compared. They’ve got that luxurious look, whether you opt for faux leather, fabric or velvet - this is going to look fabulous in your home. 

Some of our recliner chairs have that puffy comfy look. You can add a throw to make those chilly evenings cosier and a little cushion, and you’ll be in heaven! 

What’s more, is that each one of these is available to buy at outlet prices! 

We Offer these Added Advantages

As with all our sofas and chairs, these black recliner armchairs are constructed around a solid wood frame. You should also know that we test the recliner mechanisms over 25,000 times to ensure that you will get total value and years of use from these. 

Covered with generous padding and your choice of stain-resistant and wrinkle-resistant fabric, these will look lavish wherever you put them. 

It’s no secret that we have a keen appetite for selecting the best products that we can find for you. We look for the quality of the build, in addition to durability and price. You can find only the best in the Sofas and Beds home furnishings store. 

Delivery of our Black Recliner Armchairs

Our customer service project includes giving free delivery to every customer located within 100 miles of Leeds. 

However, it’s every customer that qualifies for our 12-month warranty and a 14-day return window. 

Value is our middle name, and we don’t mess about when it comes to ensuring that you get more than your fair share of it! 

We’re ready to accept your order. Do check out the payment plans and look at our other home furnishing products before you buy. You may even want more than one of these black recliner armchairs. We are here to serve and like to do it in style!