Recliner Chairs

Recliner Armchairs to Suit You

Sink into comfort in one of these beautiful recliner armchairs as you settle down to watch a new movie. You'll be in the best seat in the house, and you may even have a cupholder or two in the arms for your drink. 

Typically covered in bonded leather or faux leather, our seats are a big favourite with our customers. Our buyers know they can rely on us to provide quality furnishings at great prices. 

Also known as home theatre seats, our cinema armchairs come with a guarantee and a generous return window. No wonder these sell so fast! 

Each cinema armchair has an outlet price, and you can even buy with our weekly payment plans – so you'll be quids in! 

We Offer these Added Advantages

Invite family and friends around to watch the latest Netflix shows with you! Whether you've got an entire room dedicated to a home theatre, or you want these to put in your living room, you can't go wrong. 

Our recliner armchairs have a solid wood frame that is upholstered for comfort. When you are sitting for a prolonged period to watch your movie, of course, you should feel comfortable! 

Choose from bonded leather, air leather or even fabric – in a range of different colours, including black, brown and grey. Everyone has a stain-resistant and wrinkle-resistant fabric. 

Here at Sofas and Beds, we ensure that every product we sell to you is a quality product that's made to last. These are not only hardwearing, but they're durable! 

Delivery of our recliner Armchairs

No matter where you live, you are also entitled to a 12-month warranty and a 14-day return window. 

If there's one thing we promise to do – it's to give the best value we possibly can. 

Now's the time to put in your order so that we can get these over to you asap.