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 About Sofas & Beds

The mission of Sofas & Beds is to inspire the furniture aspirations of homeowners, without the usual 8-12 week lead times. We supply you with the latest models of high-quality but affordable sofas and beds. Our focus is on providing value as we recognise the challenges of today's economy.

Every model of furniture that we select is chosen on the basis of our company slogan and ethos, to bring you “the fusion of style, comfort and price”.

We do our utmost to ensure our sofas and beds are stylish, are modern, are trendy and befitting modern home designs. We ensure our furniture is durable and comfortable, allowing you the real prospects to enjoy the investment you make for as long as possible. Last but not least, we are seriously concerned about the price our customers are expected to pay for home furniture. We spend a lot of time and energy in researching  the market and bringing to you the best priced products from all over the world. Our objective is to cater for the working-class market. We appreciate how expensive home renovations and refurbishment are and we wish to be the company you turn to all the time for affordable yet high quality and trustworthy products.

We monitor our competitors and always ensure our prices, our services and our quality (combined) is always better than theirs.

We know you, our loyal customers, want sofas and beds with reinforced frames. We also know that you want comfort in addition to hard-wearing upholstery either in fabric or leather. You're looking for pieces that make your space beautiful but have years of use and that's what we have for you.

We ship nationwide and beyond

Our head office is in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Our second depot is in Sheffield, South Yorkshire but we deliver our products all over the UK. Whether you are in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland, we will reach you !

Just let us know where you would like to take delivery of your sofa or bed, and we can arrange a delivery quote for you.

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We've introduced some inspiring models recently.  You won't want to miss these, and you'll get a great taste of some of our best seller items:

You can also find out further information about what we offer by visiting these pages:

If you have any questions, do get in touch with us.

Here's what one of our customers said about us recently:

“Sofas & Beds are fab. They will help you choose the best sofa by explaining what people love about each model. Then they will organise delivery with you and even offer finance! They are a West Yorkshire-based firm – what more could you want!”  Bob, Didsbury

Thanks for stopping by our website. We hope to have you as a regular customer. If we take care of you, we trust you will refer us to your family and friends.


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