Here at Sofas & Beds, we aim to provide our customers with all they need with regards to the sofas and beds we sell. Most of our furniture will come in a dismantled and unassembled manner which helps with ensuring we can get them through your doorway.

Quite often, our customers choose to assemble their furniture either alone or with other family members. If you prefer to have some help, then we have made this service available to you.

Assembly of sofa & beds service  

Despite our sofas and beds being designed to be easily assembled by you, so that you can access great products at the best price, we can help with assembly.

You can book our service when you purchase your furniture. We will assemble your sofa or bed at the same time of delivery — the assembly service costs £50, which is affordable and accessible to everybody. For every extra floor, we will charge you an additional £10.

The people who assemble your sofa or bed are the same people who deliver. These people know our products inside out and will be able to transform whatʼs delivered into your beautiful couch or bed to enjoy creating treasured memories.

Those who arenʼt familiar with assembling sofas or beds may find it to be a baffling task. Screws, pieces and tools. Who knows what goes where? (Well, our assemblers do).

Most people who buy one of our sofas or beds agrees that using our assembly service is an affordable way to simplify the operation. Our assembly team have been putting together furniture for years and take pride in what they do. The assembly team do their work swiftly and efficiently.

If you choose any of our additional services, such as ‘room-delivery- service or the assembly service, we will remove the packaging and take it away with us for free. Alternatively, we can unpack your item and take the packaging away for £20 - although we will leave the furniture for you at the door-step of your building and we can take no responsibility for damage caused by the weather or other foreseeable and unforeseeable factors.

Problems during assembly

Since the products we supply to you are new, packaged and closed; from time to time, we will be as helpless as you would be, If something is missing or there are issues with the products we find inside the packaging. As much as we do not wish this to ever happen, experience tells us that it is inevitable that some products will have missing items, or issues which mean that the transaction with you cannot be completed.

If this does happen, we will do out utmost to resolve the situation as a matter of paramount importance and urgent priority. We do not wish to leave you with a piece of furniture which is not ready to be enjoyed in the fullest.

We ask you to be understanding and bare with us whilst we do everything we can to resolve the situation for you.

If the issue cannot be resolved, we will send you a replacement as priority or we will offer you the chance to cancel your order and receive a full refund.

Disassembly & removal of old sofas or beds

In addition to putting the new sofa or bed together for you, we can also disassemble or dismantle the old one for you.  Taking your old sofa or bed apart is often necessary to be able to remove it from your property.

If youʼd like us to disassemble your sofa or bed for you, let our team know when you arrange your delivery, and they will be pleased to help you out. The removal of your couch or bed will cost you £80 (for a set of 2 sofas or 1 bed)

Summary of prices

Door-step delivery = Free (subject to delivery charge based on your location)

Removal of packaging with door-step delivery = £20

Room-delivery service = £30 (free packaging removal)

Sofa or bed assembly = £20 (only with room-delivery service and free packaging removal)

First floor = Extra £10

Every floor after first floor = Extra £10 per floor

Disassembly and removal of old furniture = £80 (2 sofas or 1 bed)

Booking a time slot

At the same time that you book your sofa or bed delivery from us, you can arrange with us to have your new sofa or bed assembled. You might also want to use this opportunity to book us to disassemble your old sofa or bed so that we can take it away for you and dispose of it for you.

Please state what you need us to help you with when you contact us about your sofa or bed delivery. Weʼre here to help and happy to do so.