12 Months Frame Guarantee

At Sofas & Beds you can buy our sofas and beds with confidence as all of our frames are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery against structural manufacturing defects in the frame.

If the structure of your sofa or bed collapses due to a weakness in the time or an error in the engineering of the sofa or bed frame, please get in touch with us.

We will register your claim and send out an independent specialist to carry out an inspection of the sofa or bed. Once the independent inspector confirms the damage to be caused by a manufacturer defect, we will arrange with you to collect your sofa or bed and replace it.

If we are unable to replace your sofa or bed with the same model, we will offer you the chance to consider an alternative model.

3 Months Manufacturer Defects Guarantee

In addition, our customers have the extra peace of mind  with a 3 months defects guarantee which covers our products against manufacturing defects, from the date of delivery.

Exclusions to the Guarantee

The following are not covered in our guarantee:

  • Application of force or tension / pressure beyond 200kg per 2 seater sofa and 300kg per 3 seater sofa.
  • Application of force or tension by jumping or the application of concentrated pressure.
  • Evidence from the analysis of the structure, of a breakage caused by focused tension.
  • The dipping of the foam in the sofa seats, which is inevitable and expected in all sofas which are routinely used.
  • The ‘dippingʼ of the foam in the sofa seats varying from the 1st seat to the 2nd seat or 3rd seat. This is dependant o the usage and the regular tension applied to the foam, rather than a defect.
  • The lack of symmetry between the height of the sofa seats / reclining element of a reclining sofa. This can alter dependant on the usage and the tension applied to each seat.
  • The discolouration of sofas or beds due to the ambience of your home or the use of products
  • Wear & Tear
  • Misuse (Accidental or deliberate)
  • Damage caused by you or others
  • Failure to maintain
  • Commercial or institutional use
  • A product that has been assembled or stored incorrectly (e.g. damp or in direct sunlight.)
  • Any item where an alteration has been carried out.
  • Any item with other, existing wear & tear, damage, signs of misuse or commercial use or incorrect assembly / storage.

○ E.g - Your sofa or bed has a cigarette burn, but you wish to claim under the warranty when the recliner mechanic is defective.

  • Clearance/Display products are excluded from our guarantee scheme Failure to follow the terms of these guarantees.

How to make a claim

Please email us immediately at info@sofas-beds.co.uk and we will log your complaint and go through the next steps with you.

You will need to send us a-lot of evidence and pictures / videos for us to be able to assess your claim.

When we have analysed your claim, we may need to send out an independent sofa or bed specialist to inspect the product and report back to us.

Following the inspection, we will confirm with you the status of your claim and whether it is authorised.

After this, you can choose an alternative sofa or bed from our website and we will schedule with you a convenient date and time to collect your sofa or bed, and deliver your new option for you.

We will not charge you a delivery fee for the new sofa or bed and we will not charge you a re-collection fee for the old sofa or bed. However, please note that you will be responsible for the disassembly of the old sofa or bed and the assembly of the new sofa or bed unless you pay our assembly and disassembly fees.

Our assembly and dis-assembly fee is £49 each.

Upon arrival, our team shall expect that the old sofa or bed is dis-assembled and all the pieces and parts of the sofa or bed are available to be taken away.

If anything is missing, the item will not be collected and the replacement will not be completed.

If you do not wish to replace your sofa or bed with another model from our range, we will be more than happy to issue you a Credit-Note for you to use with us in the future.