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Are you looking for a Second Hand Sofa for Sale because your budget is tight right now? What if you could buy a NEW SOFA for the price of a Second Hand Sofa? Explore this page for our range of Second Hand Sofas, Second Hand Corner Sofas, Second Hand Chesterfield Sofas and Second Hand Sofa Sets, which are available and in stock right now. These Sofas can be collected, if you want to save money or we can deliver them within 10 days.

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At Sofas & Beds, we often receive samples from our suppliers. We receive sofas with slight damage on the side or the back of the sofa, which you can never see, but we do not wish to sell as new.

We have sofas which we discontinued. We have sofas we need to sell to clear the space in our warehouse. We have sofas we bought in huge bulk and received a better price, so we run clearance sales to sell these under our Second-Hand Sofa for Sale section.

We receive sofas which have been acquired by us at 70% of the usual price because the original importing company was unable to pay the taxes and VATs, thus we get a reduced price. We also have sofas we have used in our showroom which we sell at reduced prices.

We have sofas ordered by our customers, but they simply changed their minds after the sofa was manufactured.

We have cancelled sofas and we have returned sofas, which may have been used for up to 14 days but returned for reasons of preference, not damage.

In all these cases, you can buy our New Sofas for the price of Second Hand Sofas.


Second-Hand Corner Sofas

Most of our Second-Hand Sofas for Sale are Second-Hand Corner Sofas or Second-Hand Sofa Sets, which will be sold as a 3 Seater Sofa and a 2 Seater Sofa.

Our Second-Hand Corner Sofas are usually manufactured in 3 pieces. The left piece, the right piece and the centre wedge.

These sofas are usually added to our Second-Hand Sofas for Sale collection due to damage on the underside of the sofa or because there was a fitment issue between the centre wedge and the left or right side of the sofa.

We usually return these sofas back to our warehouse, move the attaching brackets back into the correct place and re-sell these sofas as Second Hand Corner Sofas.

The reason we do this is to ensure that our customer doesn’t have to wait for the sofa to be repaired and be sofa-less in that time. We simply issue a new sofa, at the time of collecting the defective sofa and repair the defective sofa to sell as a Second-Hand Corner Sofa.


Second Hand Chesterfield Sofas

We have a vast Chesterfield Sofas range and thus we regularly have Second Hand Chesterfield Sofas in stock and in this collection.

The most common issue with these sofas, causing them to be added to the Second Hand Chesterfield Sofas collection is that the buttons can fall out if the stitching is not strong enough.

Despite these sofas being handmade, it is possible sometimes for the buttons to fall out if they are twisted and yanked or constantly interfered with by ‘baby-fingers’ for example.

In addition, our Second Hand Chesterfield Sofas are usually made with a KD design. So the back, the arms and the base are all in separate sections for ease of packaging and delivery.

A Chesterfield which ends up in this Second Hand Chesterfield Sofas collection may only be here due to loose screws in the brackets holding all the pieces together.

In addition, of course, and always, sometimes we have ex-display sofas as Second Hand Chesterfield Sofas because we used them in our showroom or we used them at a marketing event.

We may also have had manufactured a sofa for a client’s exact taste, but they could have cancelled the order before it was delivered. In such a case, these sofas would be added to our Second Hand Chesterfield Sofas collection.


Second Hand Sofa Set

Since we only buy sofas in sets of 2, most of this collection will entail Second-Hand Sofa Sets.

The Second Hand Sofa Sets collection will include a 3 seater sofa and a 2 seater sofa. You can sometimes buy these sofas as individual units but usually, the sofas in our Second-Hand Sofa Sets collection are to be sold in a pair.

Second-Hand Sofa Sets can usually be supplemented with another 3 seater or 2 seater sofa or chair from our website. This additional sofa will usually have the full price but if you have a bigger room and need more of the same sofa, we can usually supply additional pieces too.

The best thing about our Second-Hand Sofa Sets is that they can be combined with other pieces, as they are usually continued models, not discontinued models.

Even if the same sofa is not in stock, unless the model is discontinued, we can usually have the additional pieces manufactured for you.

Speak to us and we will discuss with you the sofa you have chosen and tell you why we have added it to our Second-Hand Sofas for Sale collection.

We can also tell you of any upcoming Second Hand Sofas which will be added to this collection.

There is no better BARGAIN on sofas you will find on the entirety of the internet, than what you will find in our Second-Hand Sofas for Sale collection.