2 Seater Recliner Sofas

2 Seater Recliner Sofas to Suit You

You'll never run out of fun with one of these 2 seater recliner sofas. You can invite somebody else to watch your favourite television with you, ask the dog to sit next to you or even layout flat for some true relaxation.  

Sofas and Beds has a massive collection of sofas and is known as one of Yorkshire's leading home furnishing suppliers.

Whether velvet, faux leather or fabric is your choice, each of these recliner seats has been through the wringer when it comes to having their reclining mechanism tested. You can depend on them to give you evening after evening of hassle-free reclining.

You can enjoy the ultimate comfort and relaxation on a sofa that really is made to last. 

We Offer these Added Advantages

It's not every month that it's possible to have a bit of a spend up. That's why we offer weekly payment plans. So that you can stay in control of how much you spend whilst still enjoying some of the finer things of life. 

You should also know that each of these 2 seater recliner sofas has a solid wood frame. You can choose from faux leather, velvet or fabric in black, grey or brown. With a stain-resistant and wrinkle-resistant cover, these sofas are built to last. 

Delivery of our 2 Seater Recliner Sofas

In addition to enjoying fast delivery, you can expect a 12-month warranty and a 14-day return window. We love giving you all we've got. 

It's up to you now. You need to take your pick and put your order in. Once you do, our team will organise it all for you. 

As you put your order in, choose your payment method and plan. If you need any help or have any questions about your new 2 seater recliner sofa, get in touch.