Sofa With Cup Holder

Sofa With Cup Holder

At Sofas&Beds, all our recliner sofas come with cup holders.

Given the amount of time we spend on our sofa, it seems bizarre that we donʼt have more functions on all our sofas.

To make life a little easier, our recliner sofas with cup holders are the perfect solution for those who want to kick-back, relax and enjoy their drink without worrying for the drink tippling over.

These sofas with cup holders are also perfect for children who have a dedicated place to hold their drink and donʼt make spills.

Corner Sofa With Cup Holder

Our corner sofas come equipped with 4 cup holders installed on each armrest / drop down table.

4 people can sit and simultaneously have a place to hold their drink with this range of sofas.

3 Seater Sofa With Cup Holder

In the centre of all our 3 seater recliner sofas is a drop down table, which hosts 2 cup holders.

This dropdown table, being the middle seat of the sofa, folds to reveal the cup holders and some flat surface which acts as a table for convenience.

Sofa with Cup Holder & LED Lights

On our electric recliner sofa range, we install cup holders with LED lights inside to create an ambience whilst youʼre sitting in the dark or watching a movie.

The effect of the LED lights on our cupholders changes the ambience in the entire room.

And best of all, all your friends will be impressed with this savvy feature.

Sofa with Cup Holder & USB Charger

Again, on our electric recliner sofa range, we also install cup holders which have LED lights and in addition have USB points to allow you to charge your phone or other devices.

Whilst the power is limited to charge only mobile phones and similar devices, the practicality of this feature is phenomenal.

Now, you can stay on your sofa and stay on the phone whilst your phone charges or whilst your battery is low.

This feature is particularly helpful to charge childrenʼs iPads and tablets, which usually consume more energy due to the usage of Netflix or YouTube.

Sofa with Cup Holder & Chilling Cup Holders

Our electric recliner sofas are some of the most tech-rich recliner sofas in the UK.

One of these tech features is the ultimate cup holder option which comes with LED lights, USB ports and also the chill function which keeps your drinks cool.

Especially in the summer, if you want to keep your drinks cold, these cup holders will be a blessing.