Ex Display Sofas - More Than 50% OFF

Can I buy more of the same sofas you are selling in the Ex Display Sofas collection?

A lot of our Ex Display Sofas for Sale will also be advertised on our website as regular products.

As such, you can buy the cheaper option offered in the Ex Display Sofas for Sale collection and then if you need more of the same sofas, for example, another 2 seater sofa or 3 seater sofa or chair, you can simply add the regular product to the cart too.

In this way, you can get the denominations of the sofas that you need and also benefit from the huge discount available from buying an Ex Display Sofa.


Why are these Sofas in the Ex Display Sofas Collection?

At Sofas & Beds, we manufacture and import more than 2,000 sofas every month and these sofas are usually ordered by us, 3-4 months in advance, as they have to be manufactured, then shipped and then received by us to hold in storage and deliver.

Our storage facilities are vast but the cycling of sofas usually means that space is always scarce.

The first reason for these Ex Display Sofas to be  in the Ex Display Sofas collection is that the collection is used by us to sell our stock cheaper and faster, usually with no profit and often with a financial loss, for commercial reasons such as buying the stock in a large volume, to sell cheaper.

The second reason for these sofas being added to our Ex-Display Sofas collection could be to allow us to make more space for incoming stock.

The third reason may be because these sofas were used in our showroom, they were used at an exhibition, they were used by one of our Trader customers in their showroom, they were ordered for a customer who cancelled the order or they were delivered to a customer who changed their mind.

The fourth reason these Ex Display Sofas are sold cheaper is because they do not come with our usual services and benefits. For example, we have removed the costs associated with Free returns, Free cancellations and Free guarantees from these Ex-Display Sofas, and thus their price can also be reduced massively.


Are the Ex Display Sofas for Sale brand new?

At Sofas & Beds, our Ex-Display Sofas will either be new and unused or they would have been used at the showrooms or exhibitions for people to try and test their comfort.

With each sofa, we can tell you the status of it if you send us a request or enquiry. You can then decide if this sofa is for you or subscribe to our Promotions Newsletter which will notify you of any Ex Display Sofas which arrive for sale, before the stock finishes.


How can you sell New Sofas so much cheaper in the Ex Display Sofas for Sale collection?

When we import sofas from China or Turkey or Poland, we pay a 30% deposit only and the sofas arrive at the Flexistowe port in large 40ft containers. 

At this stage, direct importers like us need to pay our manufacturing company their remaining money (70%) and also pay for the shipping charges and pay for the VAT (20%) for the goods to enter the UK.

Sometimes, there are companies who order the sofas but are unable to pay these charges at the entry port or to the supplier or to the customs office.

These companies already usually pay the 30% deposit. So the manufacturing company is happy for companies like ours to step in and buy the products at 70% of the usual price.

When this happens, we may receive sofas which are not in our usual selling range or which we simply bought cheaper.

These sofas are also added to our Ex-Display Sofas for Sale collection.

We simply pass on the benefit of our skills, our purchasing power and our contacts, to our customers.


Can I cancel the order of your Ex Display Sofas for Sale?

Once you have placed the order, Ex Display Sofas for Sale cannot be cancelled.


Can I return your Ex Display Sofas for Sale?

Sadly, the commercial intent behind us reducing the price of these Ex Display Sofas cannot be met if we allowed the facilities of returns.

Every sofa which can be returned has a cost attached to it. The cost of the original delivery and then the recollection of it, when it is returned and re-stocked.

The Ex Display Sofas are cheaper for this reason. That these additional services have been removed and the price is thus also reduced.


Is there a guarantee with the Ex Display Sofas for Sale?

Our Ex-Display Sofas sadly do not come with a guarantee. But you will be reassured to know that the sofa will be delivered to you and assembled for you and you will have had the chance to inspect the sofa when it arrives.