Plush Velvet Beds

Plush Velvet Beds to Suit You

No bedroom can be more glamorous than those that contain plush velvet beds. What makes plush velvet so alluring is that it’s a deep pile of velvet. It looks luxurious and lush and utterly sumptuous. 

With a wide range of colours available, including burgundy, beige, black and grey, our plush velvet beds come in Chesterfield style and many more. 

When you’ve got access to Klarna payment plans and outlet prices – you can’t go wrong. Highly affordable and pocket friendly for those on a budget. 

We Offer these Added Advantages

Each of our plush velvet beds is constructed with a solid wood frame at heart. It’s then wrapped in premium quality upholstery so that you get that luxurious look but with elegant lines. 

These beds are made to last so that you get years of enjoyment from them. They are all head-turners. When you have any visitors come to stay, they’re going to want to know where you sourced these from – they do look fabulous. 

Being robust and well-made means the ability to hold either a memory foam mattress or a pocket sprung one. We sell these too – so head over to our mattresses to view them if you want to add to your order. 

Delivery of our Plush Velvet Beds

Being located in West Yorkshire means we like to ensure that our neighbours are well taken care of, so we give free delivery to any property located within 100 miles of Leeds. 

No matter where you live, you qualify for our generous 12-month warranty and a 14-day return window. 

Before you put your order in, have a look around at our other products. We’ve got everything from mattresses to sofas to footstools to armchairs. Every product is chosen for its quality of build, good looks and price. You can’t go wrong!