Fabric Sofas or Leather Sofas?

Considerations in deciding which sofa is for you

Which sofa should I Choose? Leather or Fabric

Who can put a price on comfort?

If you've had a long day on your feet, then the answer to that is nobody.

Sofas offer the ultimate in comfort, but are the tastes of the nation-changing? At one time, leather sofas were 'it'. Everybody wanted to make their design statement with the epitome of style – the leather sofa.

Now with a vast collection of fabric sofa options on the market, it seems that many are opting for what they may consider to be more of a cosy style.

Of course, both leather and fabric have their pros and cons. However, some people are opting for cloth due to the broader range of choices available. Leathers typically come in block colours as they aren't easy to dye without pushing the price up substantially.

Let's look at some of the reasons why fabric sofas are more suited to their lifestyle and home.

When it comes to selecting a sofa, the first vital consideration is to ask yourself how you will use it. Of course, we each have our preferences when it comes to style too. Seeing as a well-made sofa can last for years, it's essential to ensure you pick the right one; ideally, one that is good quality will support you and stay the course.

Before we look at the benefits of fabric over leather, let's just run through some basic questions that any sofa buyer should ask themselves before committing.


How Will You Use Your Sofa?

Determining how you are likely to use your sofa will help with ensuring you get the right one through the door.

  • Are you going to use it for watching tv in the evenings, along with maybe some occasional reading, welcoming guests to your home and general relaxing?
  • Consider the person who will be using it. Do you need a sofa that will make it easier for somebody to get up, for example, with some strong arms to provide support?

What shape sofa is right for you?


Now that you know how you're going to use your sofa, it's vital to decide which shape you should get.

  • If your primary driver is relaxed, you might want something profound and luxurious with plenty of cushions and pillows. Maybe a rolled arm sofa or a reclining option is the right choice for getting relaxed.
  • Choosing something like a camel-back style is not so comfortable if you're more of a lounger; it's better suited to a more formal setting such as an accountant's waiting room where a person needs to stay alert.
  • Sectionals or corner sofas can be great for lounging, and they can come in reclining models so you can get laid back.


What size sofa?

The size of your room typically guides the size of your sofa.

  • No sofa should be so large that it stops the flow of traffic. Be sure to measure where it will go before you make your purchase. Some people like to lay down pieces of newspaper in the same shape and size as the sofa's profile to check how much space it will need.
  • If you have a particularly large room, a sectional will likely work well.


Choosing the Fabric

Sorrento Black Leather Recliner Sofa Set

Sorrento Black Leather Recliner Sofa Set - Part of our Leather Sofas Collection

Now we are getting down to the nitty-gritty.

 Although some fabrics are gorgeous and visually stunning, they are typically not designed to be long-lasting such as silk. If you are keen to get silk, then a sofa like this would need to be placed in a room where it's not going to get a lot of use.

High-quality fabric that is textured can hide wear and tear better than smooth materials.

Leather is useful if you are looking for something durable. So is the latest advanced fabric, which has a look and feels of leather – leathaire or air leather as it's known.


Choosing the Colors or Patterns

If you've already decorated your room and aren't willing to make a change, then you'll need to consider which colours and patterns you already have there. Keep these points in mind as you make your selection.

Neutrals will work with a lot of room; in particular, they forgive in small spaces. You can always add pillows and throws to it to give it more colour.

Using a patterned fabric can work well with hiding stains or marks.

If you want to make a bold and sassy statement, go with intense colour. Sofas that have simple lines look best with bolder colours.

Chiswick Chenille Fabric Beige Corner Sofa

Chingford Textured Fabric Corner Sofa- Part of our Fabric Sofas Collection

How to judge the quality

The way to judge a sofa is to know how it's put together.

  • The best quality sofas have a sturdy frame that is designed for resilience.
  • When you sit down, the cushion should still be somewhat firm.
  • The frame should not be felt through the padding.

There's no doubt that sofa shopping can be very time consuming and somewhat confusing. In a sense, it's a little like floor shopping. Have you ever walked into a shop and had to walk out again as the choice was just overwhelming? Well, that's a bit like sofa shopping.

If you're drawn to fabric and leather, then you may want to consider what you'll get from each one. For example, how long will it last, what does it need regarding care, how it looks, and how comfortable it will be. Finally, what's the financial cost?

Consider that you'll be using that sofa pretty much every day for years, so be sure to choose the right one. If you're using it for your rented properties, then you need to consider comfort and whether it's going to stand up to heavy use from your tenants.

Spending time thinking about how your new sofa will fit into your life won't be wasted.

How comfortable fabric sofas are isn't just down to the fabric itself but the frame and design of the couch. Many believe that fabric sofas are more comfortable and cosy than leather sofas. For example, the material can be warmer in the winter and won't make you feel hot and sticky in the summer, like a car seat.

When it comes to caring, you may be able to remove the covers and wash them or even replace them with a spare set – one for summer and one for winter. Fabric doesn't get scratched like leather can.

Fabric typically gives you more bang for your buck than you get with leather.

Some people prefer leather as it's more rigid, more substantial looking and therefore likely to be more durable than the fabric sofa. It can also be hypoallergenic for those who don't do well with dust. It won't harbor dust mites, pet dander or other allergens.

There's no doubt that leather is elegant, which doesn't always come with fabric options.

 So the final decision is yours: what’s better, leather or fabric sofas? As you probably figured out by now, there is no one definite winner. It all depends on personal preference! That's why we have chosen a collection of fabric and leather sofas to pick what suits you the most.

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