Style your Grey Sofa with 2022 Latest Colour Schemes

No matter your style, there are so many ways to decorate any living room with a Grey Sofa

Grey sofas have been all the rage for a while, and being in the furnishings industry, we can let you know that’s not going to change any time soon. 

We’ve heard from some of our customers that they have wondered which colours they should pick for decorating their living room when they have a Grey Sofa. With this being the case, we thought we’d better share some of what we’ve learned about which colour schemes look best with grey so that you have some decorating ideas for your home. 

Some people feel that they can only go with various shades of grey wallpaper and carpet, but that’s certainly not true - a grey sofa opens all kinds of doors when it comes to colour. You can be very bold with colour, or if that’s not for you, you can go with something far more muted, such as white or dusty pink.

Grey sofa | Sofas & Beds


Discover what colours go with grey sofa

Please sit back and get comfortable as we delve into the world of all the different colours that look fabulous with a grey sofa, right here on this page. A Grey Sofa may sound like it could even be a boring piece of furnishing, but believe us, that is far from the truth! 

But before we get started, here are some ways that you can add the colours that we’re going to share with you. Here’s how to introduce other colours to the room whilst retaining your sofa as the focal point: 

  • Repaint or wallpaper the living room walls, or repaint just one wall as a feature wall
  • Use scatter cushions
  • Add a cosy throw
  • Roll out an area rug
  • Repaint furniture 

A grey sofa can be so complementary to rooms with most colours; you’d be surprised. We’ve added a few images to give you some inspiration. However, if you really want to do serious research, you might want to browse our favourite sites to decorate ideas – Instagram and Pinterest. While you’re there, we invite you to follow us for all the latest furniture deals.

So let’s get started. Keep in mind that your grey sofa should last for you years – particularly if you sourced it from us as it’s well made and durable. It’s a solid investment and can be used as the foundational statement piece to change the room to suit. This is a piece that will be the centre of attention in your room as you alter the colours and adapt the environment to showcase your sofa.  

Now it’s time to delve into the different colours that go well with a grey sofa. 


  • Royal blue

 There’s nothing like royal blue with grey. It’s got an air of sophistication about it. Pair your grey sofa with a painted wall, throw cushions and a rug with blue in it. It looks classy and cosy, and you’ll get top marks on your excellent taste in colour. 

Grey sofa with Blue Background | Sofas & Beds


  • Teal

Adding teal accents to a room with a grey sofa gives a living room that glam and modern look. Friends and family will look to you for your design advice if you get this right. 


 Grey sofa styled in a teal colour | Sofas & Beds

  • Dusty Pink

If the feminine is your thing, team grey with dusty pink to get a warm and inviting look. Add a few matching accessories to bring out the warmth.  

 A grey sofa in pink background | Sofas & Beds


  • Orange 

If you’re a fan of bold colours, something is so compelling about orange cushions on a grey sofa. The contrast is explosive and memorable. You can work out from the pillows by adding other accent pieces. This is going to look particularly good in an office environment or a more contemporary home.

 Grey sofa styled with orange cushions |Sofas & Beds


  • Lime green

Throw on a few scatter cushions and add a few accents to the room, and lime with your grey sofa will be a natural winning combination. Clean and fresh, lime goes very well with grey. 


Grey sofa styled in lime coloured cushions | Sofas & Beds


  • White

White and grey is a gorgeous combination reminiscent of Scandinavia, and it’s going to look good in any room. This is a colour scheme that you can use as the foundation and build up by adding other colours over time.

Grey sofa styled in a white living room | Sofas & Beds


  • Bright red

 Bright red with grey is a classic. Add a little texture with a few different fabrics and accessories, and you’ll be creating a room with a fabulous colour design that is cosy and warm.


Grey sofa styled in a bright red coloured background | Sofas & Beds


Bonus living room ideas for a grey sofa 

It’s not just the colours that we’ve shown you in the images, but many more go very well with grey. For example, how about gold, yellow, hunter green, mint and a blend of pastel colours. We using a colour wheel to check whether what you choose will work or check the colour palettes available on Pinterest. Some genuinely fabulous combinations such as grey, pink and teal can be used to transform your living room into something special. 

Grey sofa with coloured cushions | Sofas & Beds


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 Grey sofa with lined cushions | Sofas & Beds



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